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We are based near the beach and loving it. The beach is a great place to tackle serious subject matters.  Some titles published through seasidepress tackle matters that relate directly or indirectly to the 1933-1945 Jewish Holocaust that took place in Europe, when Hitler ruled Nazi Germany.

Our new title An Eye for an Eye, is now available on Kindle. This true, super-paced short story takes place some forty years after World War II and the Holocaust, when the author (A. Venger, an alias) comes eye to eye with the person responsible for his parents’ deportation and death in concentration camp Sobibor. In this autobiographical drama, scores are settled, finally, but revenge proves to be bittersweet.

Downloads and copies of And No More Sorrow  and Never Surrender! A true story are available on Amazon Kindle and Amazon books. Never Surrender! is a teacher classroom tool and read by students in middle-and high schools and colleges around the country. En verder geen leed and Stolpersteine: Ein persönliches Schicksal  are also seasidepress titles.


Get your free downloads from the Never Surrender! A true story website: neversurrender.me.

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Do you need a ghost writer? Do you want your memoir/biography written? Do you need a publisher? seasidepress1@gmail.com We don't want your money, we do want the rights to publish.
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