For the tribes moving Westward, Europe lies in its way…

#Europe has always known tribes on the move all the way back before the Romans, before Christ. Because of its location, tiny Netherlands especially. They are situated in a Delta where three rivers converge, each making their way down the Alps mountains some 1000 miles away in what we call for the moment #@Switzerland. At the outer limit where the rivers enter the ocean, that’s where you’ll find the Netherlands or Holland as it’s known. The people living over there don’t think twice about living in the path of three rivers.

#@Netherlands is like Grand Central station. Everybody walks in and out. Manly man #@ Ghengis, The Romans, The Spanish, The French/Napoleon, the Nazis/Hitler. Even Ghengis was on his way.

No wonder #History was a total blur at school.

The Low Countries controlled by Spain (Spanish Netherlands, Dutch: Spaanse Nederlanden, 1579–1713), Austria (Austrian Netherlands, Dutch: Oostenrijkse Nederlanden, German: Österreichische Niederlande, 1713–94) and annexed by France (1794–1815). This region comprised most of modern Belgium (except for three Lower-Rhenish territories: the Prince-Bishopric of Liège, the Imperial Abbey of Stavelot-Malmedy and the County of Bouillon) and Luxembourg (including the homonymous present Belgian province), and in addition some parts of the Netherlands (namely the Duchy of Limburg now split in a Dutch and Belgian part) as well as, until 1678, most of the present Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in northern France. Unlike French Burgundy and the republican Northern Netherlands, these allodial states kept access to the Burgundian Circle of the Holy Roman Empire until its end.



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